Monday, January 10, 2011


Annoyed by some more computer-related oversights.

Outlook recurring appointments delete your history if you try to end the recurrence or move the time/date to a new time/date.   Since I sync my outlook calendar to Google Calendar I was able to edit the still existing appointment there and get the recurring appointment to come back on outlook next time it synced (so that was a phew - short lived though).  In try to actually change the recurrence details from Google by un-checking the repeat check-box, it deleted my history on Google now, without any warning.  Ridiculous.  So, both Outlook and Google made the same mistake.  If we're going to be using online calendars, tasks, scheduling in place of paper versions then these things need to be ironed out, and I would have thought they'd have been ironed out 10 years ago!!!

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