Friday, October 19, 2007


Political Views .. In Progress
Abortion: It should be legal in certain exceptional instances but illegal in most cases.
Life is precious, how it arrives on this earth should be carefully protected and treated with the utmost respect. Two people that inadvertantly or intentionally bring another life here are responsible for that life's protection and well-being. Life should come as a result of love and care. Society should take every care to make sure this is the case and correct any actions of its members that fail in this regard.

Marriage between a man and a woman: Men and women were built for eachother. There is a Creator. It is good for a man and woman to come together willingly and lovingly. This is how life is perpetuated. We are not our own creators. The closer we get to allowing a society to go against the laws given by our creator the more we risk ridding ourselves of His goodness.

Fight Against Terrorism: It has been shown that there are evil men willing to kill masses of good people for obtuse and ignorant reasons. This cannot be allowed if good is to prevail. Goodness can only thrive when society allows it to. Goodness will lose to evil if society fails to act upon evil and weed it out. Evil, cannot be good, it must be separated and extinguished anywhere goodness is to be found. Anywhere evil is allowed to exist, goodness cannot. It is society's duty to irradicate evil.

Education: Society should be invested in its own education as much as it should be invested in its perpetuation. Government should facilitate its citizens receiving the best education possible. This necessitates exposing the public system to competition with the private. Those wishing to be educated privately (whether it be the children of responsible parents or parents themselves) should be allowed to use their education taxes toward such a goal, as long as they are in no way directly benefiting from the public system.

Health Care: Our pursuit of happiness is dependent on our ability to receive goodness in the face of difficulty. Our society should always allow good hearted people to choose to help others, not be forced to help others.

Taxes: The government should be only receive monies as they are needed to maintain order and as it can effectively benefit the society with ... a means by which a society comes together on issues.

Energy: The pursuit of happiness is facilitated by access to excellent energy sources nowadays. With energy in short supply a society shrivels and slows in progress. Energy should be a high priority because it drives so much of the rest of society's hopes and dreams. Of course, energy is still merely a resource for good, and not good itself. Thus goodness should never be circumvented nor diminished in order to preserve or obtain ideal energy situations.
Business: The majority of people spend most of their lives working. This is a significant consideration in the granting of privileges and rights to businesses and corporations. A society doesn't help itself progress if it cripples businesses in ways that can easily be avoided.

Immigration: We love immigrants in the United States. They should, though, be properly assimilated into the society in order to preserve our way of life. Laws have always been intended to protect mankind, but a law without an enforcement is merely a suggestion. Our current situation in the United States necessitates the enforcement of rules at our borders. For those who have already crossed the borders partly because of our entrapment they need to be dealt with according to their crime. Each general situation should be addressed. An effective 'surge' in action with respect to illegal immigrants should be initiated in order get our illegals in line with our rules. Employees which benefit from illegal workers should be taxed accordingly. It should be illegal for a company to employ someone who isn't a legal citizen of the United States. Consequences should be sufficiently severe in order to end this practice and discourage companies from trying to 'cheat'.

America: A land of opportunity! A prosperous nation because of its goodness.


Good Quotes

The substantial problems we encounter in life cannot be solved with the same level of intelligence they were created - Albert Einstein

Great doors of success swing open on tiny hinges of discipline. - Dallin H. Oaks

Every choice has a consequence, each consequence has a destination. - unknown

Beware the perils of "some day" - unknown

A wise man learns more from the foolish man than the fool learns from the wise man. - Marcus Aurelius

Possibility only becomes reality by great effort - unknown

A true person will never 'look like' something they don't think or believe - Jeffrey R Holland

A little pampering once in a while keeps our desires for riches in perspective - unknown

Don't wait for happiness to be thrust upon you - Dallin H. Oaks