Thursday, June 28, 2018

Moles are, by definition, cancer.

In this article I'll attempt to prove that moles are, by definition, cancer and should therefore be studied as having a cellular condition capable of stopping and starting cellular malignancy. gives the following definition for cancer: A term for diseases in which abnormal cells divide without control and can invade nearby tissues.

1. It's a disease. What's a disease? Well, that isn't a simple question according to the National Institute of Health. For the purposes of this article, though, let's assume Webster's has it well-defined. Webster's says it is "a condition of the living animal or plant body or of one of its parts that impairs normal functioning and is typically manifested by distinguishing signs and symptoms."

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Knowing pretty much what's going on in any conversation in any language anywhere in the world

I've been studying a few languages using Duolingo for about the last two years and I'm starting to think if I truly knew 50 words in the world's top languages I would be able to pretty much understand any conversation anywhere.

I'm a native English speaker and have some experience speaking Spanish while I lived in Honduras for two years but I've been studying German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Russian somewhat simultaneously (I usually do two lessons a day in whatever language I feel like studying that day).

I knew going into this that I would gravitate to the Romantic languages so obviously I was going to see similarities in those languages, but as I studied the etymology of words I got the sense that even languages that are seemingly unrelated, come from a common root and that there are patterns for how words change over time and distance from their origin.

So far I've only delved into Indo European languages but my very cursory understanding of other language families suggests they develop the same way (I plan on learning Chinese and Arabic as soon as Duolingo gets them ready :)).

So, what is the pattern? Well, I don't fully know, but I think a part of it lies in how ideas are understood and recognized in the human brain. And when we fully understand the way ideas are recognized and stored in our brains we'll know how they are transferred from one brain to another.

Right now, though, my theory is that if I learn 50 words in the world's top languages - and I mean really learn these words such that I know their etymology, can recognize them being spoken in whatever context (speed, accent, quality, conjugation, etc) and can speak them readily - then I think I will be able to understand pretty much any conversation anywhere and even begin to understand old or obscure languages without any prior study.

Why? Because I think that all languages and ideas have a common thread or root. I'm going to call that thread or root a spirit because it fits most easily with my understanding of human existence. I don't think there is a beginning or end to our spirits, they have always existed and will always exist (at least from our temporal reference on this earth). When a person is born (and this happens gradually) it is literally the separation of a spirit from a spirit/root. We forget the connection we have to all other spirits (or maybe better said, The Spirit, since more than one spirit suggests separation as well) and therefore become finite and temporal. If we were to remember (which is really the process of diminishing our separation from knowledge) then we wouldn't be finite, we'd be fully connected to the Spirit. So, when we discover how an idea is recognized (and I say recognized rather than created because for an idea to actually be a root/spirit it must have always existed and therefore never have been created) we will remember its root and since all ideas have the same root, we will unite ourselves with The Spirit and lose multiplicity, time, and distance. I think in order for this truly to happen, though, you'd have to lose every separation, and therefore every imperfect notion, otherwise there would always be separation and confusion as to the true root/Spirit.

So, basically, I'm saying that if I study and have 50 words well understood in the world's top languages, I will have the gift of tongues and be able to communicate to anyone through The Spirit.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Chrome uploading data, preventing sleep in Windows

Here's a screen capture of me showing the problem that keeps my computer from entering sleep mode:

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Personal Folder/Exchange Folder Move

So, I get this error when I want to move my personal folder calendar recurring appointments to another folder or to the Exchange server.

"cannot move the items: you cannot move one occurrence of an appointment series to a different folder" …

I found that the solution is to select your Folders view, and then move/drag/drop them there.  Now I don't get the error anymore!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Car Bluetooth

Annoying, I just bought a car Bluetooth transmitter so that I could use my car's stereo system for my phone music and in-car phone calls.  Well, it's a great thing in concept but, at least in my case, there are some major oversights.  I mean, in order to start to use the thing I have to basically press three to ten buttons every time I get in the car, and each button takes a few seconds to actually do anything, so you have to watch each of them.  First I have to turn on the Bluetooth on my phone, wait for it to actually turn on (take a few seconds).  Then I press the Bluetooth settings button and press the connect button for my Motorola T505.  Well, this is already annoying enough, but it usually doesn't work even that well.  Usually, I have to press down the power button for a couple seconds on my T505 in order to get it to turn on and actually be connectible. Then once I hear the sound I press the Bluetooth buttons again on my phone and it will finally connect up.  But, then I go to the thing I actually wanted to do, like go to the music player or click the call button or whatever.  Then I have to press the radio transmitter button a bit in order for the transmitter to actually go through my radio.  I then have to make sure my radio is tuned to the proper station.  By the time I do all this, I've wasted much more time than I would have had I just turned on my phone and used its own speaker system.  Then let's say I get to my destination and want to stop using my car's system for sound and such, well, I can't just leave, I have to turn off the Bluetooth on my phone, and wait for a few seconds, monitoring all the while that it actually does what I ask., then I can go ahead and use my phone like normal.   Obviously the whole system should work much differently.  I should be able to get in my car and not have to do anything.  The phone should recognize I'm in the car and sync up to the sound system using setting and connections I've already setup, I shouldn't have to connect up manually every time, my goodness!  Also, when I leave the vehicle, or turn off its sound system, it should obviously no try to use it anymore, and should automatically go back to normal phone use.  I shouldn't have to now wonder why there is no sound coming out of my phone and then have to turn off the Bluetooth, just to deal with the consequences later again.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Noisy computer fans and Media Center

So, it's annoying how my computer reacts to every little thing I do with a different fan pitch/speed.  I'm not a fan.

Also, it takes two attempts every time I try to open a Media Center file.  First it will open Media Center and just sit there, no video.  Second attempt results in the video actually starting.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

recent items in start menu of windows 7

So, I missed the recent items/documents in the start menu, so I looked up where it went in windows 7.  And here it is:

I guess microsoft thought it was too unsecure/insecure, so they made it hidden.  So, you have to customize the start menu and re-enable the recent items.