Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Political Candidate

How to pick a candidate

  1. Know their background
    1. How did they spend their growing up years - were they a hooligan, did they reform.
    2. Who did they associate with - were they immersed in good company, did they stand for good amongst bad company, did they reform
    3. What did they stand up for - were they good causes that you agree with
  1. Know their current beliefs
    1. Do they support the sacredness of life
    2. Do they believe in traditional marriage and fight to keep it defined as a man and a woman.
    3. Do they support minimal government involvement
    4. Do they believe in our founding fathers and the sacredness of the constitution.
    5. Do they believe in being willing to sacrifice our lives for the right
    6. Do they believe in God, what is their history on morality
    7. Do they have values that they are willing to stick to in the face of great opposition - examples

  2. Get testimonials from those you trust that may have a better/closer connection to the candidate
  1. Know their family life
    1. Were/are they loyal to their husband/wife/kids
    2. Did they treat others' family bonds with respect

  1. Know their ability to swallow their pride
    1. Did they misspeak, err, or falter and not own up to it

  1. Know their financial habits
    1. Did they grow up in the money
    2. Self-made
    3. Did they excuse themselves from responsible financial behavior
  1. Pray about who will serve the country the best